The Good Warrior


If you are here to learn how to pick-up girls -- GTFO

We go for women here at The Good Warrior -- not girls. LOL.

Yes. W O M E N.

What's the difference between a girl and woman?


You guys know the fucking difference.


This blog post is not to sit here and detail to you what you ALREADY know.


It's to take you from WHERE YOU ARE to WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.


Maybe that is what needs a little clarification. 


They... are irrelevant to you at this point.


At least... They should be.


Because if you are not WHERE YOU WANT TO BE -- in life, in your career, in your personal health and mental state -- WHAT DOES IT MATTER THAT YOU WANT A PARTNER TO SHARE IT ALL WITH?!

Don't beat yourself up about it.

I'm not hear to beat you up about it either.

I'm here to REMIND you of your inner power. Your inner nature to want to improve and grow.

Think of me as a brother. Or a friend. 

Or a stranger.

Or nothing at all.

As a matter of fact, don't think of our connection here at all.

We have no connection except this screen in front of us and a blog post about "NOT picking up girls."


That's all it is, right?

Just a blog post...






Then why is there more left to say?

Why is it that in 2017, almost through the first quarter of the year -- there are STILL things being left unsaid?


New Year's resolutions mean nothing to some. But not to you, clearly. That's why you read this kind of crap anyway.

Because on SOME fucking level...

You care.


And if you care like I do... It's almost APRIL, and it can really feel like you have't done enough towards those goals. 

Like you're always coming up short.


Luckily... You are not fucking alone.






The issue is -- we have DISTRACTED ourselves with a million other things BESIDES our goals.

We set the goals and procrastinated the hell out of the little things that made that goal possible. The tiny little daily accomplishments that are just too often not satisfying fucking enough to get us to the next challenge.

Or maybe we achieved some of those things, but still somehow feel inadequate... Like there is MORE LEFT to do.


There is.


There always is.


OF COURSE there is...


But what does ALL THAT MATTER if you aren't WHERE YOU WANT TO BE?


I hope this got you thinking. 

This blog post probably feels unfinished.


That's cause it is.


If I sit here and try to force myself to type up more of this bullshit, I might willingly shoot myself before I do it.


God, it all sounds like bullshit typing it out lol

Maybe it is. Maybe I don't know jack. 

Or maybe none of us do, and any fucking HINT we can get to point us in the right direction is a hint well fucking appreciated.

Maybe -- for some of you -- there is no helping you.

You don't want a hint. You don't want to "get a clue."

Maybe you don't even CARE about going in the "right direction."

Cause that's all subjective, right? The "RIGHT DIRECTION."


Sure, buddy. It's all in your head.


For those of you still reading -- stay tuned for more thought provoking questions and posts.

For those of us NOT SCARED to ask the questions in life that FUCKING MATTER --

For those of willing to do what most won't -- to live the life that most WANT, but most CAN'T --

The Good Warrior's got your back, bitches.

Girls that you JUST met are looking for 3 things (and three questions they want answers to but will probably NEVER ask)