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Girls that you JUST met are looking for 3 things (and three questions they want answers to but will probably NEVER ask)

1. Ambition -- Are you cool with being just friends... or do you WANT MORE?

2. Consistency -- Are you SURE that's what you want?

3. Courage -- Do you have the BALLS to do somethin' about it?


Thought I'd list them out first. If this is making sense already... Good. Keep on reading.

If not... Than you are likely not even READY to be receiving this kind of information.

Some people won't be willing to accept these things. It's as simple as that. They are too stuck in the mold. They haven't broken it yet and are still in the belief that a girl you think is cute or a woman you are attracted to ACTUALLY cares about your looks. Or your wallet. Or anything that comes with those things.


We all know they care a little. But we also know women are more sensitive than men. It is just a fact. They're more emotional. Disagree? Look it up. It's science.

They are INCLINED to be more self-conscious, worried about their looks -- and what others perceive of them.

If you are that way sometimes... THAT'S OKAY.

Most PEOPLE are, regardless of their gender.

The thing is... If you're a girl... and you're NATURALLY INCLINED to be that way... You'll likely be attracted to someone who is not.

Why? Because opposites attract.

Nowadays, there is this idea that we must be very much the same in order to be compatible with our potential mates, or significant others, or whatever you want to call your love-counterpart.

But the fact is... Look around.

Even in GAY or LESBIAN couples, you'll see a more masculine partner paired with a more feminine partner. At least in the healthy and happy ones.

Why is that? Cause opposites attract. We can dive more in depth on that in further posts.


But for now, just remember that.


Opposites attract and that's why those three things apply.


I'll explain a little, although sometimes EXPLAINING this TESTS MY PATIENCE...

Mostly because people KNOW this...

They just need to be reminded...

Like children... 


Anyway, when you are AMBITIOUS. When you have conviction for something, or a passion for something, or a LOVE for SOMETHING... ANYTHING... IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE TO BE THIS GIRL...


A girl takes immediate note of that. It can be pretty obvious.

If you work out a lot, you can definitely tell, and it shows that you don't settle for being fat or lazy.

If you dress well, it shows that you don't settle for wearing just anything.

You get the point. There are many ways to display your ambition to a woman.

And in fact... If it's apparent right from the get-go...

You've got a head start.


(How do I do that? -- Work out. Give a fuck about what you wear.)

But even still.

If your style choice is still pretty mediocre.

Or maybe you're at the gym and it's been a few months. You got lazy. Or caught up with other business and you're wearing old sweatpants and a sweaty tee...


How? Talk to her. Ask for her number. Show interest. Read the signs. And over all show her that you are ATTRACTED and do NOT just want to be friends. You want MORE. 


Don't SETTLE for less. If she wants to be just friends, then... Hm.

Two things...

1. Maybe you didn't read the signs right before going in. And maybe you guys should be JUST FRIENDS. LOL.

2. OR maybe you are attracted to her. And you KNOW that. And you just HAVE to ACCEPT that not everyone will be attracted to you in return.


Even still... You can't just SETTLE for "just friends."

C'mon MAN!


You mean to tell me you're going to PRETEND you're not attracted to her just so you can WATCH OTHER GUYS HOOK UP WITH HER and act like you're over it when you KNOW you're really not?

You'll drive yourself insane doing this.

Avoid it at all costs.

The easiest way -- don't call her. Don't text her.

Let her go. And if she comes back to you and YOU'RE still attracted after she rejected you... 

The decision will be yours to make.

Nothing wrong with keeping an open mind. 

But at least you didn't SELL YOURSELF FUCKING SHORT on a woman you KNOW you want for yourself.

You see... We're selfish creatures, we humans are.

And until we accept that... We won't be able to ELEVATE ourselves to the point of 

1. Getting a partner we REALLY want passionately and admire and love...


2. BECOMING a more GIVING person... which is ULTIMATELY the goal of being in a relationship anyway.


If you like this stuff, look up Tony Robbins' stuff on relationships. He's got plenty of shit on youtube that other people probably uploaded. Lol.

But I'm certainly glad they did.




Anyway, some guys have misused these three things to sell you some fake bullshit about getting pussy or hooking up with women... Which... rarely is what men REALLY want. 

They'll sell you FAKE COURAGE about pick-up artist strategies to get with a girl for a one night stand, or a threesome or...

Well, you get the point.

Those things are cool.

But is it what you REALLY want? Or is it just FAKE COURAGE to distract you from facing your true, more difficult-to-acquire wants and needs?

Drown out the bullshit. 

You don't need FAKE COURAGE like alcohol or pick-up artist strategies to know what you really want.

And you don't need it to GET IT, either.


Keep following The Good Warrior Blog for some more great advice on the cool shit that we ALL REALLY want to talk about.

- R.


P.S. I realize, after writing this, that I didn't really say a whole lot on CONSISTENCY.

You can expect some more content about that on future blog posts, podcasts, or the like.


I'll start and end with this... The EASIEST WAY to REMAIN CONSISTENT...

Is to do something that you really love.

And until you figure out what that is... 

You'll be FAKING it with women...

And that's REALLY difficult and exhausting to keep up.



It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop
— Confucius

More on that later -- The easiest way to not stop.

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