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How to DEFEAT the TROLLS in your life

I am not just saying this.

Anything I would say on this fucking blog, I would say in person.

And if I'm telling you it's possible... it's probably because I've DONE it in my own life.


And If it's one thing I cannot stand, it's internet warriors.

Fucking pricks

Hiding behind their fucking screens. Saying whatever bullshit comes to their minds.

Getting a rise out of people who work fucking HARD to get what they want, because they know that they will take it very personally.

And what's funny is... I don't even really take it personally! LOL!

I just hate them! I would gladly fight any of these little fuckers in unarmed combat, any given fucking day of the week.



Just because I'm so obsessed with becoming the best I can be -- in my martial arts, and in EVERY OTHER thing in life that I love to fucking do..


I'm not a gamer...

But you ever play an RPG? Where there are levels to your character's stats and shit.

And the more you fight, the more your BATTLE stats go up. 

And there are different battle stats, like speed, agility, strength, flexibility, etc.


Well there are REAL life trolls that exist in everyone's lives.

For some of us, it's the SJWs that plague our fucking workplace.

You crack a joke about somebody being ugly or fat and someone comes up and says something like

"I don't think that's very funny..."

Well, then just don't laugh and don't partake in this conversation, ya idiot!


Or maybe it's your jealous friends, that just can't seem to find what makes THEM happy in life, so when you find what makes YOU happy, they talk shit and try to discourage you from chasing those fucking dreams.

For some of us, it's even your own fucking family. That's a shame... But it's true -- the doubtful bastards lol.


But the thing is. Just like in those RPGs -- you can't just RUN AWAY from all of those enemies that you encounter and expect those stats to grow, right?

And in life -- although sometimes you NEED to DISTANCE yourself from that negative crowd a little, in order to have more wiggle room to pursue your goals -- career goals, or otherwise...

You have to learn the

"it's not you, it's me" approach to those fucking breakups

will not always give you the best results.

Sometimes, the best way to make our exit from a situation where someone is trying to tell you NOT to pursue your goals is to tell them to FUCK OFF and REEVALUATE their OWN goal, before they try to criticize yours.


A true friend doesn't settle for giving you shitty criticism. 

Nor does he let you settle for not achieving the things you want to achieve, assuming that friend is up to speed on what YOU really want.


And THAT'S WHY WE EVEN have friends -- for SUPPORT, not so they can drag you down.


But my point here is that, there are people that WANT to be losers.

They WANT to lose, so that they can continue to live their comfortable lives, lying to themselves behind that fucking computer screen and LYING to YOU, telling you that you are doomed to the same fate.

They are a bunch of fucking worthless jerks, and you

NEED TO GET THE FUCK AWAY from them, as soon as possible.


People on other blogs will tell you to be considerate. Don't hurt their feelings in the process, and let them know that you're on a personal path to whatever bullshit is supposed to sugar coat it and make it easier for them to swallow.

But your goal can be simplified a little.

Your goal doesn't have to be to let them down nicely. 


ESPECIALLY if you care about them.

If you care about someone -- you should WANT THEM to grow and het better to. So maybe our goal should be to let them down abruptly, without fucking explanation...

Because if they don't get it at this point, after all the crap there is out there about negativity and business and entrepreneurship, and work out goals, and lifestyle enhancement --




Go to your instagram.

Scroll through your feed and tell me how many fucking "motivational" posts you see from people who you have seen do absolutely nothing about their shitty ass situations.


Does that make you want to "follow" them?

Does that make you want BE like them?

If you can look at them, and wonder why the fuck they're doing what they're doing...

It's probably because they don't actually give a fuck about what they're doing either.

UNLESS these guys are professional photographers or fucking party planners promoting their business, their lives are so non-captivating, that they need YOU to remind them how cool it is to do what they're doing by liking their post or whatever. 

They'll post pictures of them out with their fake friends or having a beer on the beach or whatever.

But whenever you seem them in person, they're boring, quiet and practically sterile.

It's like... C'mon man.

You can't save your good, fun side for the party. You ought to be able to walk through your life without the need for others' approval and a smile on your fucking face whenever you damn want. Right? -- Without the need for someone to LIKE what you're doing for you to keep on doing it.

It used to be an issue in the music industry -- when bands started out making music because they had a PASSION for it, and didn't give a FUCK what others thought of their sound...

But then lose fans because they change their sound up, and the fans can tell they did it just to be more widely accepted.


It's a funny paradox, really.

It happens with women.

The more you TRY to look cool, the worse off you are in actually attracting her.


It happens when you're out TRYING to make friends, and putting on a fake smile for people at a party you shouldn't even be at, and you meet people you've TRICKED yourself into liking, because you're THAT fucking lonely and it feels like all the people you know just don't quite seem to get it.

I've been there.

And I'm glad to say that (with the exception of my job), I have built a network of people that whole heartedly support me on all my endeavors, and are fucking blast to be around!


And you don't see us constantly posting on social media, trying to look cool for people we don't even fucking like or ever want to hang out with.

Instead those are the people that we laugh at

on our social media accounts stay on there as a REMINDER of what we don't want to fucking be! 


They'll probably NEVER even get a chance to meet us because they're a bunch of boring fucks that would waste my fucking time if I ever, for some shitty reason, decided I wanted to actually network with them. Lol. 

And I'm not talking to you readers.

I'm talking about the people we PRETEND to like, just because we think it'll all pay off some day.

For many people it has... "paid off."

As in... they got PAID MONEY for kissing ass -- made NO REAL FRIENDS -- and ended up with a shit ton of money, and NO ONE TO ENJOY IT WITH.

And I hear that REGULARLY, in the work place. That these kids would LOVE to make ALL the money in the world, even if it meant being alone.

Well... Sorry to burst your bubble there guys... But that money is COMPLETELY WORTHLESS if you have no one to share it with, or no one to spend it all on cool shit with.


I see it time and time again, where people climb to the top of whatever fucking ladder they think is the tallest, or the most important -- and then they hate it because they got there by being a bunch of pricks and douchebags and buddy-fuckers

And to some, there is something ATTRACTIVE about these guys.

They seem independent. 

They seem to not care about what other people think, so that's why they can easily talk shit about their own "friends" or get rid of those friends so easily.

Which are actually some pretty cool traits o have, if you actually have them.

But these guys don't.

They are just REALLY good at faking it.


And I remember what it was like to wear that mask. To walk around feeling like I needed to impress somebody else because I thought it'd pay off down the road.

Making myself FUCKING MISERABLE on a daily basis to try and hold out for the better, happier, more care-free life I wanted SO BADLY to just come my way.


But therein lied another paradox...

I WANTED so badly to not have to care.

I cared TOO much about not wanting to care.

And as I searched and searched for the things I could do to help me become BETTER at not caring...

I realized that... just like everything else in life -- it was like a muscle I had to work out, and work at to maintain.

It was one of the RPG Battle Stats that got better ONLY WHEN I

stopped trying so fucking hard.



And for many of us... That's the weakest muscle of all and our lowest of battle stats.

The thing that works for our minds and spirits and says





And so I worked at it.

I'd try things like

not cleaning my room for a couple days,

which over the years had actually become an OBSESSION of mine -- a byproduct from having lived with such a strict mom, and caring so much what SHE THOUGHT. Watching her bring friends over was never a pleasure. It was a fucking PAIN, because we'd get verbally assaulted until that whole house was fucking spotless.


I would get back from the gym and NOT SHOWER immediately.

Because I thought to myself... Yeah, it's gross. But it's STRESSING ME THE FUCK OUT to just have to keep SUPER CLEAN about everything ALL THE FUCKING TIME. WHO AM I TRYING TO IMPRESS RIGHT NOW? -- let me BASK in my sweaty, gross greatness and accomplishments for just a little longer.

I would

let the dishes pile up a little bit

before immediately and forcedly washing each of them by hand -- before one single dish could pile up in the sink.

I was FUCKING OCD, guys.

I was fucking STRESSED out of my FUCKING MIND because I thought that if I let any PART of my daily routine SLIP...

I would be sure to fail in my life as a whole.

The essence of my balance rested upon a thin line consisting of a bunch of dumb menial tasks that I had TRAINED myself to prioritize over the years to supposedly SIMPLIFY my life.


And you get a lot of self help books out there telling you shit like that.

There is this new book out there called, uhh... Hold I'm gonna look this shit up.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. 

I can't believe people ACTUALLY make money selling that fucking book lol OH MY GOD it's infuriating!

Or those fucking bullshit ideas that just keep you focused on the dumb MENIAL SHIT that is getting you absolutely fucking NOWHERE.

I won't list the author here, because I really don't give enough of a fuck about it.


Because if the ONE thing in life that you need to work on is your TIDINESS -- which I seriously fucking doubt -- than you must be fucking completely happy in every other avenue of your motherfreaking life!

You must have the best fucking relationships and job and body and... FUCK YOU MUST JUST BE the next Buddha lol.


But the fact of the matter is that...

It's not, and SHOULD NOT BE your main area of focus.

Obsessing over shit like that is POINTLESS and DISTRACTS you from what you REALLY SHOULD be doing.


In fact...

It's keeping you chasing your tail like a fucking dog.

Focused on the shit that

might make you feel like you have a more presentable living quarters,

when in reality... You are a filthy slob who just doesn't WANT to clean up every now and then lol


Don't get me wrong, fellas.

If you have a girl coming over, clean up shop a little.


Be fucking smart about it, yeah?

But don't fucking let fixing dumb habits like this DISTRACT you from focusing on what you know REALLY matters.


Chances are, if you're a slob... Most girls you're attracting aren't.

I'm sure she'll whip you into shape with some household duties when you marry the girl of your dreams and are living with her.

But until then. Why are you focusing on dumb shit like that?

Don't. The key is to... Well... NOT. LOL!

And focus on the more important shit, like the stuff you might read in our other article here at The Good Warrior ;) 

Haha. Yep.

And remember to make it a habit, too. 


I mean... It's one of em ;)


But get on out of here and get to business.

Stop wasting time, and start focusing on your dreams.

I am confident that if you do that... over time... you will start to develop the things you need to succeed.

I don't have all the answers here. 

Nor is it my goal to GIVE YOU those answers, because MOST of them, you'll have to discover for yourself in order for them to stick.

But at least in the meantime, I can try to energize you to do what is right in your life, and keep you from falling into the same pitfalls I fell into along the way.


Anyway, as a reminder...

I am posting on this blog because I want to help people, and not because I want to brag about my cooler friends or my cooler life.

I'm on here because I was once where a lot of you guys are.

I KNEW there was more to life than what I had then.

But I encountered so many vampires along the way that wanted to SUCK the life right out of me, and keep me stuck at the bottom, WITH THEM, hating every moment of my waking life.

These vampire-people were BOTTOM FEEDER LOSERS.



Some of which aren't TRYING to be trolls.

Like my poor mom.

She didn't purposely TRY to give me OCD about cleanliness and shit.

She didn't MEAN to make me care so much about what other people think.

She was just misguided.

By her mom, or maybe the rest of the people in her circle that PERPETUATED her shitty way of thinking.


But eventually... Like the smart guys will always do...

I'd had enough.


And I can let go peacefully, because I know some of these friends or family 

don't mean to be trolls.

They actually really care about you, and are mostly trying to protect you from all the dangers of taking risks in life.


But they don't know that secret...

Maybe they've heard it a million times, but they are too scared to admit to themselves.

It is danger and risk that makes life so exciting.

Without it, we would have nothing to aspire to

We wouldn't have the bad boy  image that girls love so much.

We would be bored out of our minds, working the same dumb desk jobs with no aspiration or ambition to do anything greater.


And nevertheless, it feels fucking amazing to say that I've

built up my battle stats and go around my daily life with a

Troll-piercing fucking BAZOOKA of intelligence,

and troll-resistant armor of will power, self-determination

and of course the awesome online community I actually involve myself in.


So if you want to be TROLL-RESISTANT in your own life. Say goodbye to those assholes.

You can love them from a distance.

- R.





I know not giving a fuck can be pretty difficult for some people. At least, it was for me, at first.

Remember that it is like a muscle, and you sometimes have to start with something small just to get yourself out of your comfort zone.

I'm going to do some research on this and look up some strategies for post I might make in the future.

Overall, the goal is to enjoy yourself in this journey. And whether it's trolls or your own OCD getting in your way, we gotta toss what is not useful, and REPLACE it with something that is.


Stay strong.

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